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Incendio solidario a Finlandia [Castellano y English]

Incendio contra varios vehículos de Securitas en contra de un nuevo centro nuclear en Finlandia y en solidaridad con Mónica y Francisco. “…With this attack we want to bring to light the co-operation between Securitas and Fennovoima nuclear energy company that is known for its destruction of the environment. The 1st of April will be […]

Hamburg: Churches desecrated in solidarity with Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar

In the early hours of March 20th 2016, unknown persons desecrated three churches in Hamburg with a fire extinguisher filled with paint, slingshot and stone. In addition to this vandalism, slogans such as “No God – No State – No patriarchy”, “Solidarity with Mónica and Francisco” and circle-A’s were spray-painted. Flyers were thrown on the […]

For Monica and Francisco (Athens, Greece)

Athens, 08.03: Action outside the embassy of Spain in solidarity with Mónica and Francisco Photos: On Tuesday evening, March 8th 2016, we went with banners, flyers and sprays outside the Spanish Embassy in Athens (on Dionysiou Areopagitou Street, in the Makrygianni district) in a minimum display of solidarity with captive comrades Mónica Caballero and […]

Solidarity with the Catalan Parliament Blockaders and the Anarchists in the spanish State

On April, 11th, 2015 a group of people met in Oscar Grant Plaza (Oakland, California) responding to the call for international actions related to the Catalan Parliament blockade defendants. We displayed two banners in solidarity with the last two repressive cases in Catalonia and Spain: the Catalan Parliament blockade defendants and the last anarchists arrested […]

[English y Castellano] Crónica de manifestación solidaria a Brighton

[Castellano abajo] [English] APRIL THE 12TH, SOLIDARITY FROM BRIGHTON WITH THE ANARCHISTS IMPRISONED IN SPAIN Last Sunday the 12th of April about forty people took part in a protest in Brighton against the repression in Spain. The action was an answer to the recent police action “Operación Piñata”, a massive and noisy raid against the […]