[English] Update on the Situation of Monica and Francisco


It’s been almost two long years since the anarchists Monica and Francisco were jailed on charges of belonging to a terrorist organization, criminal damage  and conspiracy . During this time they have lived in the isolation cells of various Spanish prisons, experiencing the dreaded ‘FIES’ regime and dispersion, but always reaffirming their ideas and illustrating once again the insurmountable gap between the world that anarchists pursue and that imposed by Power.

Two years is a long time. There has been time, for example, to perform two more antiterrorist operations, Pandora and Piñata, connecting the three cases by the acronym GAC-FAI-FRI and charging a total of 25 comrades from different parts of the peninsula with ‘terrorism’. There  has been also enough time for us to understand the challenge of imprisonment, solidarity and closer links between comrades.

Although the Spanish legislation provides for two years as the maximum time a person can remain in pretrial detention, the State has the possibility to lengthen it (arguing some sort of exception in the case) for two more years and thus, someone can spend up to four years in Spanish prisons without trial. Since there’s just a month till 2 years are up, and still no trial date set, it seems that finally it will be delayed.

In this case, the High Court has to rule on whether to reaffirm their decision to keep them in prison and thereby extend their detention for two more years ( the trial could be at any time during those two years added) or whether otherwise they are released on bail pending trial.

That will have to be transferred at some time to Madrid and appear in the High Court; It will be at that time and in that place that the possible parole of our colleagues will be decided. This appearance, behind closed doors, could be the next November 13, 2015, at the latest, or earlier.

Although the preliminary investigation ended in June and everything looked set for ta trial this autumn, the recent request for a report by one of the parties of the prosecution, could result, if accepted, tin the case being again put back until this new report is resolved, which would delay further the trial date.

Right now it is pending if this request is accepted or rejected. Remember that there are, apart from the DPP, two specific accusations to be submitted at the trial of our colleagues; one from the Zaragoza  Church and one from a witness to the explosion at the Basilica del Pilar who claims damage in one ear.

In any case Monica and Francisco risk many years in prison. Although the exact number of years that the prosecutor demands is not yet known, since even the written indictment has not yet been issued, the crimes imputed to them involve the application of long sentences.

Apart from the legal complications  it is no exaggeration to say that in this struggle against prison, our attitude and solidarity can shake the state’s objectives, by maintaining this support of our companions and our determination to continue the fight.

As many have done before, and as many still do, we will remain accomplices of those who have thrown themselves against domination, in favour of  the uncertainty of anarchist revolution, with no other certainty than their own passions.

Continuing the struggle to expand solidarity!
Freedom for all  anarchist prisoners!

some anarchists… Barcelona, ​​Oct. 2015

The current address of our companions is:

Monica Caballero Sepulveda
Solar Francisco Dominguez
C.P Villabona-Asturias
Finca Tabladiello s / n
33422 Villabona-Llanera
(Asturias)   España

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